2018 Guide to ADC Management and Automation

Network teams face many challenges when tasked with delivering applications at the speed of business demand. Increased complexity of application delivery infrastructure along with the growing demand for business agility are significantly impeding on the traditional way of managing ADCs. As new ADC agility initiatives evolve, so should your approach to ADC management.
Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) play the role of a traffic cop in directing application access requests from clients to multiple backend servers and relaying the response back to the clients.

The Guide to ADC Management and Automation: How to Get Ahead of the Curve presents a simplified framework for automating repeatable processes, and enables application and network teams to collaborate effectively to move faster, enforce compliance, eliminate errors and reduce cost.

Guide Highlights:

  • Understanding the challenges associated with managing application delivery infrastructure
  • How a centralized approach to managing ADCs helps to address these challenges
  • The advantages to embracing advanced ADC management and automation solutions