PKI and Certificate Management: 7 Reasons Why It Is Challenging

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) lays the foundation of an effective strategy to secure communications between applications, machines, networks, IoT devices, virtual servers, and more, both outside and within your organization’s firewall. With the escalation of connected devices, machines, and endpoints, managing the exceeding number of digital certificates and cryptographic keys is critical.

With machine identities now far surpassing human identities, inefficient management of digital certificates can cause missed certificate expirations, rogue certificates, and sudden network outages. These problems expose the network to several security vulnerabilities like compromised keys and bad actors forging certificates to gain access. Such unfortunate occurrences can be a huge blow to winning customer trust and business growth.

This is why certificate lifecycle management is more important than ever. Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • How do digital transformation and complex hybrid multi-cloud environments create certificate management challenges?
  • Why do security and DevOps teams struggle to manage certificates and PKI?
  • What steps can you take to solve these management challenges to improve your security and compliance posture?