Enhanced Automation, Extended Cloud Support and Faster Troubleshooting

Greater Productivity with Powerful Visual Workflow Automation Tool

  • Achieve agility, improve productivity and reduce cost by enabling reusability of workflows
  • Flexible rollback capability in the event of partial or failed task status
  • Efficient delivery of services by standardizing and simplifying the change implementation process

Faster Troubleshooting and Remediation of Outages

  • Live discovery of infrastructure and services providing always-on, up-to-date application dependency mapping
  • Troubleshoot and remediate application issues and outages faster through application-centric visibility
  • Eliminate risks through real-time application-centric alerts and logs

Advanced ADC management and Automation

  • Better insights into your multi-vendor ADC environments
  • Seamless version upgrade of Citrix Netscaler SLB and GSLB devices with minimum downtime
  • Automated F5 iHealth report generation to ensure infrastructure updates that prevent vulnerabilities
  • Improved data reliability through near real-time configuration updates

Secured SSL Certificate Management and Automation

  • Certificate security enhancement through cutting-edge private key and key store management methodologies
  • Extended support for new certificate authorities, certificate types and on new device versions (AWS CA, EJBCA, Comodo CCM, SMIME) enabling a single pane-of-glass management
  • Ability to create your own Internal Certificate Authority to remove dependencies on external Certificate Authorities for authorizing and encrypting communications within your enterprise

Multi-Cloud SSH Key Lifecycle Management and Automation

  • Provide secured access to your multi-cloud infrastructure by managing and automating the SSH key lifecycle across Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure
  • Maintain higher compliance to internal and external security standards through granular role-based access control and comprehensive auditing

Enhanced Security Policy Management and Automation

  • Visualise and review NAT/security rules for new multi-vendor devices from a single platform
  • Gain valuable insights into your security infrastructure via various performance and optimization reports

Getting Ready with the New AVX 12.3

Releasing Pre-Packaged Automation Workflows

for Agile Delivery

The new AVX 12.3 supplies pre-packaged automation workflows for speedy and efficient service delivery. With these automation workflows, network engineers can easily automate change requests through integration with existing ITSM and other third party systems. You can download these reference implementation workflows from GitHub.


What’s New in AVX 12.3?

As networks become more and more complex, enterprises are depending on greater levels of visibility, automation, and collaboration across daily workflows. Given this new level of demand, we are excited to announce the latest release of the AppViewX platform, AVX 12.3.

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Press Release

AppViewX Brings in Enhanced Automation, Extended Cloud Support and Faster Troubleshooting in AVX 12.3 Release

AppViewX, a global leader in the management, automation, and orchestration of network services, today announced the launch of AVX 12.3.

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