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Simplify Enterprise IT Infrastructure - Part 2

An organization’s digital transformation journey depends on its ability to bring down inefficiencies, innovate constantly, and deliver services at breakneck speeds. With DevOps becoming mainstream, CI/CD pipelines and advanced toolchains have ensured application development and upgrades are happening faster than ever before.

But that’s just half the story. The real deal lies in making those applications and services available to the end-users, which is done by the ADCs (Application Delivery Controllers). ADCs play a pivotal role in determining the delivery speed, health, and performance of applications. Manual management of ADCs can negatively impact the above application parameters and be detrimental to digital transformation.

In this second webinar of the Simplify Enterprise IT Infrastructure series, Glenn Gray, a Sr. Solutions Architect with AppViewX, will be presenting on how NetOps teams can automate application delivery across environments, support DevOps practices, and accelerate digital transformation. Some key takeaways from the webinar will be:

  • Orchestrating application delivery in hybrid/multi-cloud environments
  • Automating and tracking configuration changes to ADCs
  • How AppViewX helps in the closed-loop automation of ADCs
  • Integrating AppViewX ADC automation with existing DevOps tools