Minimize application downtime and ensure disaster recovery for apps on your F5 BIG-IP® Network using ADC+ Blue Green Deployment workflow

Ensure continuous delivery for your applications through ADC+ automation
The Blue-Green deployment methodology is one of the most effective processes for lowering the burden and lead time of application deployments. This deployment technique enables enterprises to easily achieve automation and continuous delivery while avoiding the risks and downtime that come with it. It also allows for the rapid and consistent deployment of updates and new versions. Although traffic management remains a significant and difficult challenge.

Firewalls and load balancers need to be reconfigured to redirect traffic. The network crew must be extremely cautious when monitoring and optimizing the loads, yet the possibility of human mistakes cannot be overlooked.

ADC+ blue-green deployment workflow for F5 devices you automate all ADCs configurations through a single GUI-based pane and provide Real-time visibility into the status and performance of the deployment. Find out how it works through this infographic.