AppViewX Smart Discovery

Discover unknown certificates and keys across heterogeneous environments for an enhanced security posture

Visibility is the cornerstone of any protection mechanism. Yet, most enterprises still have little to no visibility into their certificate infrastructure. Most of the information that ensures full visibility (such as the number of certificates in use, their locations, their expiration dates, and their ownership details) are either improperly documented or not documented at all when managed manually in spreadsheets. Even when they are documented, the high risk of human error impacts the accuracy of the inventory.

Smart discovery of AppViewX CERT+ discovers certificates in different ways from various sources for holistic visibility. CERT+ is a turnkey public key infrastructure (PKI) solution that includes full-featured certificate lifecycle management (CLM) as well as workflow automation.

Download the solution brief to know more about how:
  • Smart discovery provides visibility into all the certificates used in the origination
  • Inventory of the certificates helps analyze certificates for crypto security standards and expiry dates to prevent security breaches and application outages.