Buyer’s Guide for ADC Management and Automation Tools

The booming digital economy has caused the reliance on business applications to reach an all time high. With millions of transactions happening through applications every day, it’s vital for organizations to make their applications available, secure, and growing.

Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) play the role of a traffic cop in directing application access requests from clients to multiple backend servers, and relaying the response back to the clients. Managing ADCs takes care of load balancing needs in production and testing, application and server performance, security, and more.

In this guide, we analyze the importance of managing and automating ADCs in an era marked by digital transformation, how different ADC management practices affect the speed of application deployment and their performance, and how to choose an ADC automation solution that takes care of your current and future needs. By reading this guide, you’ll learn about

  • How the cloud and other technologies have reshaped load balancing needs
  • The challenges plaguing ADC management as applications explode
  • The features to look for when choosing an ADC management and automation tool