Buyer’s Guide for ADC Management and Automation Tools

Availability and security have become the essence of any application in the current digital economy. Applications are the face of any business and with millions of transactions happening every day, it is critical for organizations to continuously grow and upgrade their applications.

Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) play the role of a traffic cop in directing application access requests from clients to multiple backend servers and relaying the response back to the clients.

Managing and automating ADCs, therefore, becomes necessary in taking care of application delivery needs in various phases of its deployment – production and testing, application and server performance, security, and more.

What will you learn from this guide?

  • The importance of managing and automating ADCs in an era marked by application modernization
  • Why ADC automation is important for different stakeholders in an organization?
  • How to choose an ADC automation solution that will take care of your current and future needs?
  • How ADC+, a load balancer automation platform is the perfect solution for all your application delivery business needs?