Crypto-Agility and Preparing for Post-Quantum Cryptography

As the world becomes increasingly digital, the importance of cryptography in securing sensitive information cannot be overstated. However, the rise of quantum computing poses an existential threat to the security of current cryptographic algorithms.

Once realized at scale, powerful quantum computers will have the potential to break today’s most widely used encryption algorithms, such as RSA and ECC, by solving certain mathematical problems significantly faster than classical computers.

To address this impending crisis, organizations need to embrace the concept of crypto-agility, which involves the ability to swiftly transition from vulnerable cryptographic algorithms to new secure quantum proof ones.

Download this whitepaper to read about:

  • the concept of crypto-agility
  • the current state of cryptographic algorithms
  • the emerging field of post-quantum cryptography
  • strategies for implementing crypto-agility
  • and case studies of organizations actively preparing for the quantum era now.