Data Center Network Agility: The Importance of Network Orchestration and Automation

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Many IT organizations require weeks or months to enable and validate a new application environment in their data-centres. In today’s competitive market, enterprises are continuously deploying new and updated applications. Two-week delays are unacceptable. Data-centers and networks, in particular, must become more agile and responsive to change.

Key Highlights

  • The challenges network teams face with provisioning new application environments
  • The strategies and technologies that infrastructure and operations teams implement to address these challenges
  • How network automation and orchestration technologies can help enterprises make their data-centres more agile in an era of continuous application delivery

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Presented by:

Shamus photo.png

Shamus McGillicuddy

Senior Analyst, EMA
Mark photo.png

Mark Vondemkamp

EVP- Marketing and Business Development, AppViewX