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Disaster Recovery 101: How to Flawlessly Execute a DR Drill

As an enterprise, you may have a disaster recovery plan as an integral part of your business policy. And for auditing and compliance purposes, you may be conducting routine disaster recovery drills to test the resiliency of your IT infrastructure and discover possible vulnerabilities in preparedness for an actual disaster.

However, conducting a disaster recovery simulation can be daunting, owing to the enormous amounts of manual processes, time, and coordination it entails. The tediousness may tempt some companies to take a cursory approach to the drill, something that can lead to disastrous consequences like the loss of business continuity in case of a real disaster.

In this webinar, Glenn Gray, Senior Solutions Architect at AppViewX, gives some pointers on how you can use AppViewX’s automation and orchestration capabilities to make disaster recovery drills quick, thorough, and painless.

Key takeaways from the webinar:

  • To make your IT infrastructure and inventory highly visible
  • To dramatically shorten the DR window through effective delegation and coordination
  • To automate all the manual tasks that go into DR, ensure compliance, and eliminate errors
  • To easily monitor and manage the configurations, state, and performance of devices before, during, and after the drill.

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