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Fortify Enterprise Networks with SOAR

The proliferation of connected devices, accompanied by the sophistication of network technologies, has made security the hottest topic of discussion. Networks are no longer confined to on-premises or a single cloud - multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud networks are all the rage now. Security implementations that are human-oriented no longer work in this scenario - their slow, error-prone processes undermine all efforts to ensuring secure systems.

In this webinar, Glenn Gray, a Sr. Solutions Architect at AppViewX, explores the benefits of SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response), a concept where software acts as the enabler of network security by automating all its aspects, such as data collection, incident response, and vulnerability management and remediation.

The ground covered will be:

  • The new threats that arise with multi/hybrid-cloud networks
  • How to implement secure access with RBAC and multi-factor authorization
  • How to detect and remediate threats with advanced monitoring and data analysis
  • How to build an integrated SOAR system that cuts across vendors and environments

And more.