A How-To Guide for Hardening Kubernetes Security with Certificate Lifecycle Management

Kubernetes is now an essential component to modern-day application development and delivery. However, the increased adoption of Kubernetes has intensified concerns about its security challenges and associated risks. PlatformOps, CloudOps, and Security teams often find it challenging to implement necessary guardrails in Kubernetes without impacting the speed and agility of DevOps.

The need for cloud-native, developer-friendly security solutions is driving enterprises towards identity-first security and certificate lifecycle management in Kubernetes. Provisioning trusted identities (SSL/TLS certificates) to Kubernetes workloads and managing the digital certificates efficiently is an effective way of gaining control and bringing Kubernetes security up to DevOps speed.

Dive into our whitepaper to learn and understand:
  • Security challenges and risks in Kubernetes Environments
  • Why identity-first security is essential for Kubernetes environments
  • The critical role certificate lifecycle management plays in securing Kubernetes
  • Certificate Lifecycle Management best practices to follow for hardening Kubernetes security