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Improve your organization’s crypto-agility

Crypto-agility is a broad topic. In a nutshell, it is the ability of an IT Ops teams to possess full control over their PKI (usually TLS certificates in keys, in this context), and also the ability to rapidly make organization-wide changes to them without disrupting business continuity. Why is this important?

Cryptography is an important pillar of network security. By encrypting information in transit and at rest, communication channels are rendered secure – protecting them from being tampered with or stolen. This is primarily done by signing keys with TLS certificates and installing them on endpoints. However, PKI is never set-and-forget. It is a dynamic entity, with a constant need for certificate renewal, key replacements, policy changes, and algorithm upgrades. And since PKI tasks often involve long manual steps, each change might take hours to execute. Multiply that by the numbers of certificates on file, and that equates to days or even months spent on tasks that could have been easily automated.

In this webinar, we’ll walk you through the solution to that problem – how can crypto-tasks be quickly resolved? How can an administrator obtain full control over certificates and keys? How can you secure your network with robust PKI, while practicing crypto-agility?

Key takeaways:

  • Principles of crypto-agility
  • How to automate certificate and key lifecycles
  • How to implement crypto-agile certificate management