Load Balancer as a Service

Automation Solution for NetOps and Application Teams

The Load Balancers as a Service (LBaaS) model can set new standards for deploying application services while significantly reducing costs. LBaaS was originally developed for OpenStack private cloud environments. However, the LBaaS model can also be extended to address virtual service change requests through automation.

LBaaS by AppViewX provides a simple model for automating the provisioning of load balancer services. The user can utilize a simple self-servicing automation workflow to automate the whole change management process through integration with ITSM and DNS systems.

Download the white paper to learn

  1. The current need driving the demand for load balancer services
  2. An overview of the LBaaS model, including the top benefits
  3. Automation workflows for the provisioning of virtual servers
  4. Troubleshoot faster with application-centric visibility