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Mapping the Way to Self-Servicing and Application Delivery Automation

With the advent of DevOps, network teams are under pressure to automate every part of their network infrastructure in order to continue accelerating application delivery. However, it takes weeks or even a month to deploy an application involving the creation of virtual server, firewall policies, DNS records, certificate and so on.

Automating networks with AppViewX provides simplified and agile application delivery using an intuitive, context-aware, visual workflow.

Watch the webinar recording to learn more about modernizing and building an agile application infrastructure. Having served in various network engineering roles, AppViewX's Senior Solution Architect, Glenn Gray will share the insights he’s garnered throughout his 20 years of experience.

Webinar highlights -

  • Automate application provisioning across load balancers, DNS, certificates, firewalls, and so on
  • Simplify self-servicing to application and network teams
  • Deliver application and network services in minutes rather wait for days or weeks
  • Orchestrate across multi-vendor and hybrid infrastructure