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NetOps Transformation: NetOps 1.0 to NetOps 2.0

In the digital world, network operations teams must make a significant skills shift to take advantage of advances in network automation and analytics. Enterprises must embrace NetOps 2.01 to adapt to future technology and process demands, such as increased agility, DevOps, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and software-defined infrastructure.

Watch the webinar recording to to learn how to take the right steps toward NetOps 2.0. Having served in various network engineering roles, AppViewX's Senior Solution Architect, Glenn Gray will share the insights garnered throughout his 20 years of experience.

Key topics include,

  • NetOps’ effects on enterprise network teams
  • Getting started with NetOps automation
  • The journey towards NetOps 2.0

1Gartner Blog, “NetOps 2.0” by Andrew Lerner