Security in the Cloud - Managing Machine Identities and Mitigating Risks with Certificate Lifecycle Automation

Cloud migrations are set to hit a record high this year, thanks to digital transformation and the distributed workplace. Research suggests that nearly half of enterprise workloads and data are in a public cloud today, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down.

As more organizations move their workloads to multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments, cybersecurity issues are steadily mounting, impacting agility and efficiency. Securing a massive ecosystem of digital applications, devices, and workloads across distributed cloud platforms with perimeter-based security is growing beyond complex for security teams.

This e-book explores how organizations can navigate cloud security challenges by taking the identity-first route to security and specifically doubling down on Machine Identity Management.

Read the e-book to learn:

  1. How cloud security vulnerabilities can severely dent your cybersecurity posture
  2. Why it is essential to understand the shared security model for cloud adoption success
  3. How you can mitigate risks and overcome security complexities in the cloud with Machine Identity Management
  4. How automation can help you build a robust Machine Identity Management system