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Simplify Enterprise IT Infrastructure

To stave off competition and keep customers happy, you know that you need to stay on top of your game. Your business must be fast - to deliver applications in minutes. You have to be cautious - to keep your services always-on. Because an incident can be heard and felt, round the world. And when it does, it’s not just your revenue that takes a hit, but your reputation as well.

But wait.

Your application/service delivery environment and procedures are SO complex that it takes weeks to deliver, and updates take days. Application visibility across the infrastructure doesn’t exist. Incident resolution begins with the least common denominator, the NETWORK. You deliver, but not fast enough. Downtime, errors, and rework are expected occurrences, leaving customers often frustrated. Productivity declines, and revenue is marginal.

Time for a Digital Transformation.

In this webinar, our Senior Solutions Architect, Glenn Gray, is going to show you how to solve the challenges in complexity related to your infrastructure and transform the management of IT services. Using AppViewX platform solutions CERT+, SECURITY+, and ADC+, we’re going to demonstrate how you can SIMPLIFY digital application/service delivery and management to enable your business to thrive.

You’ll learn how to

  • Make your application and infrastructure services AGILE with AUTOMATION
  • Provide the Ops team with the ability to deliver the desired results without focusing on the HOW.
  • Drive Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) from the bottom-up, starting from the network.
  • Resolve issues with the ability to recognize service impairments and respond quickly, yet effectively.
  • Reduce frustration and simplify, increase productivity with less, fire up revenue.