State of Network Automation 2020

Network automation is becoming more mainstream than ever, as organizations rush towards DevOps and digital transformation.

50% of the Respondents Are Practicing Network Automation in Some Form.

Be it change management, troubleshooting, or application provisioning, organizations believe automating network operations could save them enormous amounts of time, cost, and errors, and help in driving innovation.

We surveyed over 550 enterprises from around the world to find out their take on network automation. The report delves deep into the tools used, and their effectiveness, problems faced before and while implementing an automation solution, best practices for network automation, and much more.


  • DevOps and digital transformation are the primary drivers for network automation
  • Most of the organizations surveyed have implemented some form of network automation
  • Manual errors are behind up to 50% of application downtimes
  • CLI-based change management constitute most of the troubleshooting delays