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Top 5 PKI Health Check Issues

[Hosted by AppViewX and Encryption Consulting]

PKI is not and never has been a 'set-and-forget' system. All components of PKI, such as certificates and keys, have to be continually rotated and renewed due to their temporary nature. An outdated key or an expired certificate could potentially lead to larger organizational issues such as website downtime. And this is exactly why PKI Health Checks are necessary.

It is important to have a system in place that assesses the existing PKI setup, and includes provisions to remediate them on the fly, without disrupting business. Unless the certificates, keys, algorithms, CAs, and service providers are tracked for validity continually, your PKI is a disruptive incident waiting to happen.

This webinar with AppViewX and Encryption Consulting talks about the top 5 issues while conducting routine PKI Health Checks, and how to get around them without too much trouble.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to track and prevent issues such as certificate expiry
  • Maintaining a secure trust environment while apps/IoT are added to your business operations
  • Why a robust PKI and certificate lifecycle management platform is critical to business growth and security