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Xcel Energy Automates PKI and Certificate Lifecycle Management with AppViewX

Welcome to AppViewX’s PKI Panel series, where tech and business leaders in cybersecurity converge to talk PKI security – emerging trends, industry standards, best practices, and more in an interactive session.

In this episode of the PKI Panel, we’re joined by Jeff Hagen (Sr. Security Engineer, Xcel Energy), who is at the forefront of Xcel Energy’s efforts in PKI security. Join him and Murali Palanisamy (CSO, AppViewX) as they delve into how Xcel Energy pioneered the adoption of certificate lifecycle automation in the Energy sector, and saw rapid results such as a reduced risk of outages, reduced costs, 100% visibility into PKI, and more. Also on the agenda is pointers on how you should proceed if you intend to begin your journey towards PKI automation.

Points of discussion will include:

  • Xcel Energy’s journey towards full-cycle certificate and key management
  • How AppViewX assisted Xcel’s PKI automation strategy
  • How to make certificate processes agile and cost-efficient
  • How certificate lifecycle automation can help ANY organization